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A-600 Auto Cutters


TDN-5D Series Auto Tip Dressers


YK Screwdrivers


Air Sanders


TDN-6 Series Auto Tip Dressers


YK-2 Scaling Hammers


ANZ Series Electric Multiple Nutrunner


TKa Series System Wrenches


YLa Series Impulse Wrenches


BRH- Series Riveting Hammers


Valve Lappers


YMH Series Mega-Hose


DAS-1 Dual Action Sander


V-Series Impact Wrenches for Automobile After-market


YNR Series Portable Tip Dressers


Electric System Wrenches


YAC-50 Cutter


YP Series Sump Pumps


F Series Flux Chippers


YAC-50D Diamond Cutter


YPK-80-E Pipe Beveling Machine




YBD-2X Scaler


YPP-1 Piston Pumps


GSPSH Series GSP Press-Ftting Unit


YBX-50 Series Cordless Battery Impulse Wrenches


YRD Series Drills with silencer and two-speed trigger


HR-2,AR-1 Riveters


YC-20, F-25N Needle Scalers


Y-Series Impulse Wrenches


HS-5 Dust Suction Air Sander


YDP Series Dowel Pin Pullers


YT-6,YT-6F Tappers


Impact Wrenches


YED Series System Wrenches


YTC-2 Pokayoke Controller


NR/HR Series Pneumatic Multiple Nutrunner


YET Series Digital Torque Testers with Built-in pulse counter


YTP Series Electrode Tip Pullers


Oval Spiral Air Hose for moving rail


YETC Series Fastening Torque Controller
Impulse Wrenches  


YTT Series Dynamic Torque Transducer


RW Series, YRW Series, YNR Series Ratchet Wrenches & Nutrunners


YEX Series System Wrenches


YX-Series Impulse Wrenches
Impulse Wrenches  


Shut Off Impulse Wrenches


YFD-8 Feed Drills with air-hydro converter, built-in speed controller and silencer


YXS-Series Impulse Wrenches




YHR Series Hog Ringers


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Industrial Tools - Yokota


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