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MCA-700 - Digital Tester and Thermometer
Product Code:  BNK MCA-700
Brand Name:    Bonkote


Instrument for measuring iron tip temperature, leak voltage and earth resistance



Input voltage AC100, 120, 220V
Dimensions 180W x 140D x 70H
Bodyweight 1380g
Temperature Range of display Precision
0 - 600 °C
± (3 °C + 1dig) grade 0.75 Type K ± (5°F + 1dig)
Leak Voltage 0.0 - 99.9Mvac ± (0.2mV + 1dig) but within 0 - 2mV
± (10% + 1dig) but within 2 - 99.9mV
Earth resistance 0.0 - 99.9 Ω ± (0.5 Ω + 1dig) but within 0 - 10Ω
± (5% + 1dig) but within 10 - 99.9Ω

The extract from MIL-STD-2000

  • The electric resistance between the top point of soldering iron while heated and the earth point of the workshop must not exceed 5.0Ω.
  • The electric potential difference between the earth point of the workshop and the top point of soldering iron while heated must not exceed 2mVRMS.
  • The power supply should use three line code and point earth grounding method.
  • The soldering iron should be designed to have a switch change at 0 voltage.
  • Do not use transformer type soldering iron.

How to use the iron tip temperature sensor unit?

Please wipe the iron tip lightly with cleaner, and touch censing part softly, putting a small amount of solder on the iron tip.


Terminal unit MTU-1



Replacement pin for MTU-LR-01


  • Temperature, leak voltage, and earth line resistance can all be measured by this equipment.
  • It is not necessary to calculate, you only have to read the digital display.
  • It is possible to exchange the Sensor speedily by one-touch plug-in method.
  • Management according to ISO-9000, QS-9000, and MIL is possible.


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