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Static Conductive Pneumatic Vacuums
Product Code:  NED Series
Brand Name:    Nortech

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Static Conductive Pneumatic

Dynamic shock-free performance!

Eliminate static electricity effectively, efficiently, and economically with Nortech’s new line of Static Conductive Pneumatic Vacuums.

How do we do it? Nortech engineers have created a pneumatic vacuum that eliminates static electricity by incorporating static conductive components to suppress static charges. Should stray static electrical charges become generated, these charges are immediately dissipated through the electrically inter-connected conductive external components. For an added measure of protection, users can ground the vacuum by connecting the external grounding lug to electrical ground through the optional grounding clamp and cable.



55, 30, 15 Gallon Static Conductive Pneumatic Vacuums
All vacuum units come complete with vac generating head, drum, dolly, filter, 20 ft. static conductive air supply hose, 20 ft. standard duty static conductive vacuum hose, 4 ft. steel wand, floor tool, and crevice tool.



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