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BL-Series Brushless Driver
Product Code:  HIS BL-Series
Brand Name:    Hios

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Environment and High Quality

  • Does not emit any carbon brush dust which is harmful to electronic parts.
  • Suitable for use in clean room environment. ESD-safe.

High Performance System

  • Two-way starting system: push-to-start or lever-type. First in the industry!
  • New torque setting system prevents workers' careless adjustment during screwdriver operation. Hexagonal wrench must be used.
  • The torque can easily be adjusted from the side without having to remove the screw bit.

Pursuit of Reliability, Safety, Durability, and Ease of Use

  • Durability and reliability have been improved with the new "no point of contact" lever and reverse-switch.
  • High powered, small, and lightweight.
  • The temperature rise is smaller than past drivers even if the driver is continuously used.


Mini Type Standard Type
Lever Start type Model BL-3000 BL-5000 BL-7000
Push-to-Start type Model -
Output Torque Range N·m 0.03 - 0.2 0.2 - 1.2 0.7 - 2.5
lbf·in 0.3 - 1.7 1.7 - 10 6 - 22
(kgf·cm) (0.3 - 2) (2 - 12) (7 - 25)
Torque Switching Stepless Adjustment Stepless Adjustment Stepless Adjustment
Unloaded Rotation Speed (r.p.m) ±5% HI 1,000 1,000 1,000
Screw Size (mm) Small Size Screw 1.4 - 2.3 2.0 - 3.0 2.6 - 5.0
Tapping Screw 1.4 - 2.3 2.0 - 3.0 2.6 - 4.0
Bit Type Hios H4 Hios H4 or 1/4HEX Hios H5 & 5HEX or 1/4HEX
Power Pack* T-70
CLT-50 -
Accessories Bit (H4) +#0 (Ø2.0 x 40 mm) 1 piece
+#0 (Ø2.5 x 40 mm) 1 piece
+#1 (Ø4 x 40 mm) 1 piece
+#2 (Ø4 x 40 mm) 1 piece
(H5) - - +#1 (Ø5 x 60 mm) 1 piece
+#2 (Ø5 x 60 mm) 1 piece
(H4 HEX) - +#1 (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
+#2 (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
- (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
+#1 (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
+#2 (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
- (Ø5 x 50 mm) 1 piece
Cord 5P 1.5 m 5P 1.5 m 5P 2 m
*Circles indicate that the specified power unit can be used.

BL Applicable Drivers

Suction Type (BLQ)

Mini Type Standard Type
BLQ-3000 BLQ-7000

  • Specifications the same as for equivalent models in the BL series.

  • When ordering
    1. Mouthpiece (A) and bit (B) must be purchased separately
    2. To equip a previously owned screwdriver for suction operation, mouthpiece (A) bit (B) and suction attachment (C) must be purchased separately.
    * Several versions of the mouthpiece (A) are available for use with screws of different diameter.
    Model (A) Mouthpiece model (B) Bit length (C) Suction attachment model
    BLQ-3000 F3-standard 18 mm H4 60 mm CLQ4-SET
    BLQ-5000 F3-standard 18 mm H4 40 mm BLQ5-SET
    BLQ-7000 F3-standard 31 mm H5 80 mm BLQ7-SET

    Anti-electrostatic specifications (BL-ESD)

    Mini Type
    Standard Type
  • Anti-electrostatic plastic material is used.
  • Anti-electrostatic properties: Surface resistance: 104

    Suction and Anti-electrostatic specifications (BLQ-ESD)

    Mini Type
    Standard Type
  • This screwdriver's suction functions completely remove fine particles generated by the screw tightening process.
  • Anti-electrostatic properties: Surface resistance: 104 Ω 

  • Features

    The use of a high performance brushless motor gives unsurpassed durability. No maintenance needed.
    • No carbon brushes to produce impurities that can affecct delicate electronic parts.
    • Precision motor insures highly stable screw tightening operations.
    • External location of the torque adjustor eliminates the danger of the setting being accidentally changed.
    • Both lever start or push-to-start systems are available for the brushless model BL-5000 and BL-7000. Use the system that is most convenient to the job at hand.
    • Motor heat-up is nominal, even when the tool is operated continuously.
    Required maintenance for BL-Series compared with CL-Series
    BL-Series The elimination of brushes and use of non-contact switches and parts of superior durability means there is no need to replace the expendable parts.
    CL-Series Parts replacement is necessary after expiration of warranty.
    Replacement of carbon brushes, rotors, reducers, bearings and switches (direction, start and limit switches), grease-up, removal of carbon build-up and inspections.

    Durability test of replacement parts (an example)
    Durability of torque control
    clutch-gear mechanism
    Durability of bearings
  • 20 million screw tightening operations conducted
    Assuming 7,200 screws are tightened in one day,
    20,000,000 operations / 7,200 screws = 2,777 days
    200 work days/year = 14 years
  • 40,000 hours (guaranteed by manufacturer)
    Assuming 7,200 screws are tightened
    with 2 hours of continuous operation
    (1 second per screw) in one day,
    40,000 hours / 2 hours = 20,000 days
    200 work days/year = a lifetime of 100 years

  • BL-3000
  • Used in assembling Cell phones, digital cameras, optical pickups

  • BL-5000 & BL-7000
  • Used in assembling Computers, copiers, telephones, scanners, car navigation monitors, Automobile parts, TVs, air conditioners, fan heaters, video recorder